No matter what type of loving you are looking for, las vegas escorts have got you covered and that applies to me too. I rank among the best as far as this industry is concerned. My name is Anika, and I am pretty sure you and I will need no more introductions after our first meet. I make it a point of duty to imprint myself on your mind’s eye; you will find thoughts of me and our time together irresistible. I ooze the kind of confidence and finesse your ideal partner should possess to take a worthy spot by your side.

    I am in the habit of minding my business. Hence, I will not meddle in your life and anything you do not give me permission to talk about with you. Not with standing though, you have for yourself one with listening ears; tell me everything and anything that may be bugging your mind and my job is to ease you of the stress. In the spirit of minding my business, I use music to clear my head; it is my medium of escape into my personal space of fantasies. You have no idea how much wondering my mind does. I’d say it is what fuels my creativity.

    I come alive in the arms of an absolute gentleman. Be nice, caring or sweet, and I will practically come down melting. Las Vegas escorts may have similar offers, but I will keep the secret of why I am in a league of my own till we meet.

    Anika (725) 888-4963

    – Age: 28
    – Height: 5″4
    – Bust: 34
    – Hair: Brown
    – Eyes : Brown
    – Hips: 38
    – Ethnicity:  Indian, Exotic

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