Dear Gentleman,

    Have you ever wondered the code needed to pick the best when it comes to BBW escorts? The code is ‘pick wisely’. Here’s what I am trying to say. A single thing done right such as selecting the most capable woman here can be the singular act that will set off your day to a wonderful start. Connecting with the right person is exactly the first step to recording your best escort experience yet.

    I say all this as food for thought for that brainy gentleman. If you and I are on the same page right now, then I am the right one for you. You can tell that I am pretty brainy, it comes from being educated and well-read. Feast your eyes with the body of a thick madam. I am busty with eyes and legs to die for. I am not a novice at this, so you are absolutely safe in my company. There is so much more to me than the physical; I am also smart and very submissive. In this thing you and I will share, my job is to follow your lead.

    When I am equipped with the know-how of meeting your needs, I practically take the wheel of your emotions. Henceforth, it will be fantastic for you to make me your pick among BBW escorts every other time. The reason is you then save yourself the need to equip some other person with the things that make you tick. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Selena (424) 377-0799

    – Age: 33
    – Height: 5″3
    – Bust: 34
    – Hair: Brown
    – Eyes : Blue
    – Languages: English, French
    – Interests:  Music, love games
    – Favourite style: sexy
    – Favourite drinks: Martini

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