Excuse me gentleman, permit one of the most beautiful pornstar escorts in the city of Vegas to have your attention for a few minutes. Carefully set your eyes on the key spots of my ever-alluring body. My statuesque figure accentuates the curves and bends of anything I wear, making you see exactly what I want you to see.

    A brief introduction. I am Tasia, a well-educated lady of elegance and charisma. I am pretty picky when choosing my dates; my time matters a lot to me. I come where I am invited and ensure to give only my best performance. Now this is even more important for me to achieve on our very first date because as the saying goes – first impression matters.I am the life of any party that you find me, which I’d say owes to my bubbly nature. I realize how draining our normal lives can be, therefore if you choose me, I will do the most to usher you into a realm of exotic pleasure.

    For the time you desire to have me in your space, I will play my role as your ideal girlfriend. Doing my best to make you practically forget what your real-life relationship feels like. Don’t get it twisted though, I am in only for the short-term till we meet again. I hope I have been able to convince you that pornstar escorts know the ropes, all that is left now is for me to prove it to you.

    From Tasia with love.

    Contact :- Tasia (323) 458-6419

    – Age: 26
    – Height: 5″6
    – Bust: 34
    – Hair: Brown
    – Eyes : Brown
    – Hips: 38
    – Ethnicity:  Ebony


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